AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-12plat: imx8mp: provide uart base as build optiontoradex_imx_5.4.24_2.1.0Igor Opaniuk
2020-09-02gitlab-ci: inital addMax Krummenacher
2020-09-02imx: Fix multiple definition of ipc_handleSamuel Holland
2020-09-02imx: Fix missing inclusion of cdefs.hSamuel Holland
2020-08-18Revert "Add NXP's SoCs partition reboot support."Max Krummenacher
2020-08-18plat: imx8mm: provide uart base as build optionIgor Opaniuk
2020-05-14MLK-23930-2 plat: imx8m: Add csu and rdc testimx_5.4.24_2.1.0Silvano di Ninno
2020-05-14MLK-23930-1 plat: imx8mq: cleanup csu and rdc implementationSilvano di Ninno
2020-05-11MLK-23969 imx: Update SCFW API message type according to latest SCFWAnson Huang
2020-05-09MLK-23821-04 plat: imx8m: Fix the rank to rank issueJacky Bai
2020-05-09MLK-23821-03 plat: imx8m: Fix the dfiphymaster setting after dvfsJacky Bai
2020-05-09MLK-23821-02 plat: imx8m: update the ddr4 dvfs flow to include ddr3l supportJacky Bai
2020-05-09MLK-23821-01 plat: imx8m: Correct the rank number get from mstrJacky Bai
2020-05-07MA-17076 plat: imx8: Only save data section for cold rebootJi Luo
2020-04-29MLK-23870 plat: imx8mq: Correct the pll override setting after resumeJacky Bai
2020-04-28MLK-23856 plat: imx8mp: remove the unnecessary power domains from the init on...Jacky Bai
2020-04-27MLK-23857 imx8mm/mn/mp: Fix DRAM MMU attribute to non-secure for HABYe Li
2020-04-23MLK-23805-03 plat: imx8mp: Keep audiomix always on if lpa is activeJacky Bai
2020-04-23MLK-23805-02 plat: imx8mp: Fix the system wakeup setting when lpa activeJacky Bai
2020-04-23MLK-23805-01 plat: imx8mp: Correct the MU IRQ mask reg offsetJacky Bai
2020-04-23MLK-23798 plat: imx8mp: Update the noc power down flow of imx8mpJacky Bai
2020-04-17MLK-23803 plat: imx8mq: Get the system counter freq from hw regJacky Bai
2020-04-15MA-16962 imx8m: csu: fix error in csu configJi Luo
2020-04-13MLK-23775 plat: imx8m: Fix the ddr4 dvfs random hang on imx8mJacky Bai
2020-04-08MLK-23752 plat: imx8m: Update the src gpr used for imx8mp lpaNitin Garg
2020-04-08MLK-23759 plat: imx8mp: Correct the bit define for ispdwp & ddrmixJacky Bai
2020-04-07MLK-23752 plat: imx8m: Update the src gpr used for imx8mp lpaJacky Bai
2020-04-07MLK-23727 imx8mp/n: support stop M7Peng Fan
2020-04-03MLK-23743 plat: imx8mp: Correct the IMRs numberJacky Bai
2020-04-03MLK-23742 plat: imx: No need to set cpu entry for reboot on i.MX8 with SCUAnson Huang
2020-04-02MLK-23733 plat: imx8mq: Add the power domain handler backJacky Bai
2020-03-31plat: imx8mp: add main noc Qos setting when exit from power downJacky Bai
2020-03-31plat: imx8mp: Override the the domain suspend callbackJacky Bai
2020-03-31plat: imx8m: Fix the m4 enabled check for imx8mJacky Bai
2020-03-31plat: imx8m: Replace magic number with macro definesJacky Bai
2020-03-27plat: imx8mp: Enable BL32 fdt overlay support on imx8mpJacky Bai
2020-03-27plat: imx8mp: Add clock handling for hsiomixJacky Bai
2020-03-27plat: imx8mp: imx8mp wait mode workaroundJacky Bai
2020-03-27plat: imx8mp: Add basic support for imx8mpJacky Bai
2020-03-27plat: imx8m: move the gpc reg & macro to a separate header fileJacky Bai
2020-03-27plat: imx8mm: Update the cpu core power up timingJacky Bai
2020-03-27plat: imx8m: update the wdog config for system resetJacky Bai
2020-03-27plat: imx8mq/mm/mn: Cleanup bl31_setupSilvano di Ninno
2020-03-27TEE-532-7 plat: imx8dx: Add support for BL32Silvano di Ninno
2020-03-27TEE-532-6: plat: imx8qx: add optee supportSilvano di Ninno
2020-03-27TEE-532-5: plat: imx8qm: add optee supportSilvano di Ninno
2020-03-27TEE-532-4: plat: imx8mq: add optee supportSilvano di Ninno
2020-03-27TEE-532-3: plat: imx8mn: add optee supportSilvano di Ninno
2020-03-27TEE-532-2: plat: imx8mm: add optee supportSilvano di Ninno
2020-03-27TEE-532-1: plat: imx8dxl: add optee supportSilvano di Ninno