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libusbg: make sure USB RNDIS Gadget is started before networkd
Despite the reordering of when to load the USB Gadget configuration with commit fadb16f153aa ("libusbg: enable USB Gadgets after Connman to avoid interference") the network device ended up to be down after startup. It seems that there is a race condition in systemd-networkd which triggers especially in combination with USB Gadget, a issue on the systemd issue tracker has been created: There have been various changes related to link handling between systemd 219 and the latest version 227. It is possible that the issue is already solved. Until this has been resolved, explicitly load the USB Gadget before starting systemd-networkd seems to get around the issue.
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diff --git a/recipes-support/libusbg/libusbg/usbg.service b/recipes-support/libusbg/libusbg/usbg.service
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--- a/recipes-support/libusbg/libusbg/usbg.service
+++ b/recipes-support/libusbg/libusbg/usbg.service
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Description=Load default USB gadget schema g1.schema