AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-19freescale: replace all GPL with BSD identifier.imx_4.9.51_imx8_beta1Anson Huang
2017-09-15imx8qm/imx8qxp: enable standby suspendAnson Huang
2017-09-12imx8qm/qxp: Add a new SIP to get commit id of arm trusted firmwareYe Li
2017-09-11freescale: cpufreq: fix build error using poky tool chainAnson Huang
2017-09-06i.mx8qm/i.mx8qxp: psci: add power off supportAnson Huang
2017-09-02imx8mq: gpc: correct ARM power down request register offsetAnson Huang
2017-09-01freescale: add srtc SIP supportAnson Huang
2017-09-01freescale: add SCFW timer API supportAnson Huang
2017-09-01imx8qxp: add board reset supportAnson Huang
2017-09-01imx8qm: add board reboot supportAnson Huang
2017-08-29Update to the latest SCFW API.Ranjani Vaidyanathan
2017-08-28fix sw pup/pdn issue on imx8mqBai Ping
2017-08-25i.mx8qm/i.mx8qxp: add SIP cpu-freq supportAnson Huang
2017-08-17imx8mq: enable PU power domainAnson Huang
2017-08-04imx8mq: enable all PUs power until all PUs power on/off function readyAnson Huang
2017-08-02imx8mq: fix the pcie power domain dependencyBai Ping
2017-07-26imx8mq: do NOT enable all PU power during boot upAnson Huang
2017-07-24imx8mq: Add the AIPS4 configurationsYe Li
2017-07-21imx8qm/qxp: Reserve memory region for ATFYe Li
2017-07-19imx8qm/qxp: Modify the memory regions allocation to NS partitionYe Li
2017-07-19imx8mq: gpc: power domain id needs to be mapped to register bit offsetAnson Huang
2017-07-19imx8mq: gpc: add hardware power down for power domainAnson Huang
2017-07-14imx8mq: gpc: mask m4 irq and override PLLs for dsmAnson Huang
2017-07-13Move TZC EN into SPLPeng Fan
2017-07-12imx8m: add SNVS mappingPeng Fan
2017-07-12imx8mq: enable tzc380Peng Fan
2017-07-12drivers: add tzc380 supportPeng Fan
2017-07-12imx8mq: change back BL31_LIMIT to 0x40020000Peng Fan
2017-07-12imx8mq: add console initPeng Fan
2017-07-12plat: freescale: imx8mq: add system off supportAnson Huang
2017-07-12imx8mq: add wdog resetPeng Fan
2017-07-12imx8mq: config the aipstz2 for imx8mqBai Ping
2017-07-12i.mx8mq: Add basic support for i.mx8mqBai Ping
2017-07-12imx8qm/imx8qxp: no need to disable console in plat runtime setupAnson Huang
2017-07-12Enable CPU, FP, L2 retention counters to 64 cyclesNitin Garg
2017-07-12iMX8QM/QXP: Allocate memory regions to NS partitionYe Li
2017-07-12iMX8QM: Do not terminate barrier transcations in CCINitin Garg
2017-07-12Fix the UART PAD ctrl in last commitNitin Garg
2017-07-12Fix the pinmux to use correct resource ID for iMX8QM/QXNitin Garg
2017-07-12i.MX8: Update to the latest SCFW APIRanjani Vaidyanathan
2017-07-12i.MX8QM: disable debug console by defaultNitin Garg
2017-07-12i.MX8QXP: disable debug console by defaultAnson Huang
2017-07-12Correct debug console baudrate for i.MX8QXP real boardAnson Huang
2017-07-12Add necessary resources to secure partition for i.MX8QXPAnson Huang
2017-07-12Add support for A72 CPU0 as primary cpuAnson Huang
2017-07-12Fix A72 L2 DATA latency and support booting CA72 as primaryNitin Garg
2017-07-12Fix MMU mapping for MU in useTeo Hall
2017-07-12update secure partition and add NS accessTeo Hall
2017-07-12add RM scu svc and partition secure MUTeo Hall
2017-07-12add macro for debug buildTeo Hall